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Suprt is a platform to create AI enabled personas that chat with knowledge of your business and inventory in a way that is both friendly and productive.

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Suprt is an app where you and your team can import documentation for your business, inventory (of your products and services) and create an AI enabled persona which can handle business queries from customers or new leads.

Integrate business documentation
Suprt can import documentation from files in Google Drive, Notion, Markdown files or your website. You can categorise, tag, rank and link your documentation in Suprt so that it is easier to answer queries from users.
Connect inventory and offers
Connect Shopify or upload inventory from CSV file. Products, categories, offers, shipping rates and related information can all be used to reply queries from users. You can even set rules for bulk orders.
Set triggers for keywords in chat
If certain questions give you clues about the customer's needs then you can set triggers for them and get notified for the chats.
Set rules for team handover
You can tell Suprt where you want to take over a chat or move it to email or event set a meeting. Suprt will check for the rule to get triggered and send a message accordingly.
Organise past chats
Chats that have happened in recent past can be warm leads and Suprt can help you scan these for keywords that you may have missed.
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
Messages from any Social Media platform can also be handled in the same exact way, freeing your time so you can focus on growing your business.
Let's have a chat :)
Suprt is in an early stage of development. We work with a small number of businesses to create a great chat experience for them, while building our product from our learnings.
If you join our beta, you can use Suprt for free for the first year.
Join our Beta!

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